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A company that is particularly committed to the environment is awarded the Blue Angel. Through the coveted Blue Angel certificate for MGBs made from at least 80% post-consumer recycled plastics, SULO is underscoring its status as a pioneer for sustainability and innovative material quality.

80 % post-consumer recyclates –
100 % guaranteed SULO quality

Environment or quality? Ideally, why not pick both? Our RAL-certified MGBs are made from at least 80% post-consumer recycled plastics, which had a former life as something other than a bin. We have put all of our experience and innovative power into ensuring that all quality requirements are fulfilled using environmentally friendly recyclates. Perfectly designed proportions and the latest processes guarantee the stability, safety and longevity that you are used to from SULO.

80% recycled




Environmental friendliness wins –
sustainability made by SULO.

Ecological aspects will continue to gain significance in municipalities and companies in the future. As a pioneer for sustainable waste disposal, SULO provides resource-friendly solutions for this. Our MGBs with Blue Angel certification contain at least 80% post-consumer recyclates, whose origin and composition are constantly being checked and verified. This reduces the consumption of raw materials and significantly minimises the carbon footprint. Sustainability made by SULO – for the benefit of people, animals, the environment and every ecologically minded company.

What is the Blue Angel?

The Blue Angel is the most famous environmental label in the world and is awarded by the German Environment Agency based on the strictest criteria. Independent RAL certification according to EU stipulations is the prerequisite for plastics-processing companies. As well as a product‘s material composition, corporate standards such as staff qualifications, quality management and environmental protection are assessed annually for this.

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